How to Identify a Pothole on the Road

The best way to identify a pothole on the road is to look for a large, circular depression on the surface of the road. If you spot one, simply take some steps towards it and use your hand to feel around for any raised bumps or protrusions. Once you've located the pothole, you can use a plunger or bucket to fill it in with dirt or sand.

A pothole can be a large or small hole that can cause a Vehicle to lose traction, or even spin out. They are also a common cause of accidents, as they can easily result in a fall. Fixing a pothole is simple, but it requires some tools and knowledge. For more details regarding pothole repair, you can check various online sources.

Here are four steps to fixing a pothole: 

1. Look for any debris or objects that may have fallen into the hole. Remove them if possible.

2. Clear the area around the hole of all debris using a rake or shovel.

3. Dig a trench around the hole that is at least twice as deep as the diameter of the hole.

4. Fill the trench with sand or gravel, and tamp it down with your fists or a shovel.


If you're like most people in the United States, then you know all too well about potholes. They can be a real nuisance, not to mention expensive to fix. But don't despair! There are ways to get them fixed without having to call a professional contractor. In this article, we'll discuss some of the simplest ways to patch up a pothole and get your street back to normal as quickly as possible.